Immigration: Busiest Schengen Consulates in 2018

Immigration: Busiest Schengen Consulates in 2018

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As Russia accounts for 23% of the overall number of Schengen visa applications, its consulates were clearly the busiest Schengen consulates in the world in 2018.

Five Schengen Consulates in Russia, one of them in Saint Petersburg and the rest in Moscow, top the table as the busiest.

Busiest Schengen Consulates in 2018

The Finnish consulate in Saint Petersburg alone received over half a million applications. The Spanish one in Moscow comes second with 484,237 applications received, and the Italian consulate, also in Moscow, comes third with 463,224 applications. The French and Greek consulates in the Russian capital come fourth and fifth with over 700 thousand applications together.

Yet, the Finnish embassy in Moscow, despite the highest number of applications lodged, has the lowest rejection rate at only 0.4% among the five.

The French Consulate in Algiers, Algeria, was world’s sixth busiest Schengen consulate in 2018. Yet 45.8% of the 269,977 applications it received were turned down.

In fact, three French consulates in Algeria had the highest number of visa rejection, with the one in Algiers leading with 123,565 uniform visas rejected. The consulate in Oran, on the other hand, rejected 75,742 applications and the one in Annaba denied another 65,836 Schengen visa applications to France.

French Consulates in Shanghai and Beijing are listed next among the busiest consulates in the world with over 500 thousand applications together.

St the end of this table for Schengen consulates located in third countries sit the French consulates in Seychelles and Pakistan each of which received only two Schengen visa applications in 2018.

For country-specific data and more detailed visa statistics visit Schengen Visa Statistics Portal.

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