Video: A Right Royal Bust-Up (w/ Aaron Bastani)

Video: A Right Royal Bust-Up (w/ Aaron Bastani)

The wonderful world of rip-off Britain…

On this episode of TyskySour Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani give their take on the Queen’s speech, discuss the reported fallout at the top of Labour, and debate what should come first: A General Election or Second Referendum.

02:26 – The Queen’s Speech
16:13 – Trouble at the top of Labour?
25:45 – That McDonnell/Campbell interview
43:50 – Second Referendum vs General Election
58:30 – Audience Questions


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21 Replies to “Video: A Right Royal Bust-Up (w/ Aaron Bastani)”

  1. Tony Blair is so obviously a war criminal it's painful. No one even has an argument against it. They either pull some nationalist crap out of their arse or they just say it isn't helpful. War criminal. Send him to fucking jail

  2. When John McDonnell says that that Tony Blair is not a war criminal he is unfortunately expressing traditional Labourite nationalistic racism. In other words he is (subconsciously I suspect) telling us that the lives of Iraqis are not so important that he needs to impune the character of a British Labour prime minister. Contrast that with his (morally correct) statement that he can never forgive the Tories for the suffering it has inflicted on the poor of the UK. So, one set of moral principles for British people and quite another for those from the Middle East. Very disappointing from a man who I thought had a more evolved moral compass. Just another complacent middle aged white man then!

  3. The Tories want to disenfranchise millions of people because they are worried that they will vote for the Corbyn led policies of Labour. Jo Swinson opposes Corbyn heading a national unity government because it will show the public that he is a competent and capable leader.

  4. The simplictic defining of people from the Middle East as "brown people" actually plays into racist stereotypes. Many people from the Middle East are physiologically white (my Kurdish neighbours for example). The concept of "the other" is much more accurate and that is directly related to people not being of European descent.

  5. Now I desperately want to meet the one person in Britain who went 'Well, actually I'm somewhat skeptical about turning the country into live bait for the geopolitical shark tank, but these overly secretive murderers had it way too easy with their parole hearings. Guess I'll have to vote Tory then…".

  6. it's interesting how England-centric this show is. I love this show but as soon as Irish or Scottish (especially) issues come up, (so far haven't heard them discuss Wales issues) it definitely feels like they're less familiar with the discourses going on in those countries.

  7. The reason why offenders tend to serve only 50% of their sentences in the UK is that our prisons are already beyond capacity. Early release is the pressure valve of the system. Of course, the reason why they're so full is because we incarcerate far more people than we probably should in the first place. Short Prison sentences are largely ineffective, and most petty non-serious offenders would be better served through other rehabilitative measures, whilst reform on things like drug law would de-criminalise a whole section of offences with relatively low social harms attached. These would also be far cheaper than prison, which cots about 45,000 pounds a year per inmate. Labour should offer an alternative vision of criminal justice based on rehabilitation and decarceration. Furthermore they should go after the tories on their disasterous record on Probation and Prison privatisation, and the GPS tagging fiasco which have led to increases in crime and huge amounts of money being wasted.

  8. Sorry, but I REALLY have to speak up here.

    As anyone who's met Aaron in real life can testify… he IS ever so slightly out of focus. Yes, he knows, and It's really not polite to call attention to it. My younger brother was born significantly out of focus, one might go so far as to say fuzzy, but he's never let it hold him back.

    I met a chap once who was born several feet too far to the left. It is a hidden condition, but he's always being knocked, tripped over and bumped into. Those that know him simply adapt… for example, if passing him in a hall – head directly at him.

    Now, can we please put this issue to bed.

  9. Lads the European Council is a fully an EU institution, where the Heads of State gather. You may be thinking of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, Convention on Human Rights, Court of Human Rights), but even then it would be overstating things to say it's not related in any way to the EU…… (details too boring to type out)

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