Video: Andrew Neil DESTROYS the Labour Party’s Brexit strategy with this BRILLIANT point

Video: Andrew Neil DESTROYS the Labour Party’s Brexit strategy with this BRILLIANT point

The wonderful world of rip-off Britain…

ANDREW NEIL ripped into Labour’s Brexit strategy during a heated debate with Labour MP Peter Dowd – pointing out why a Swiss model would be better than remaining tied to the EU’s customs union.

Labour MP Peter Dowd was asked by BBC host Andrew Neil why the Labour Party chose to promote remaining in a form of customs union after Brexit over remaining in the single market.

Speaking on BBC Daily Politics, Mr Dowd said: “Because what we are wanting to do is have access to Europe to a single market in Europe.”

But Mr Neil began to rip into Labour’s Brexit strategy and said: “The way you get the best access to the single market is to stay in the single market.”

The Labour MP claimed Britain would have access to the single market via the customs union.

In response, Mr Neil hit back and continued to grill the MP.

He said: “Actually, you don’t have that nearly the same as the single market. For example, Switzerland is in the single market but not in the customs union.

“Turkey is in the customs union but not in the single market. Which is the harder border with the EU?

“Turkey, which is in the customs union, has a much harder border with the EU than Switzerland, which is in the single market. So, if, as you said you want seamless trade, you want to have friction-free trade, you don’t want any tariffs.

“The evidence from Switzerland and Turkey is that the Swiss route is the way to go.”

Mr Dowd said there are many different routes to a deal with the EU. He then claimed the Labour Party would negotiate in a “sensible and pragmatic” way.

He said: “We already have as many as £150 billion worth of our exports go to Europe. We have got to protect them. You can’t remain in the single market and be outside the European Union.”

But Mr Neil continued to rip into the strategy as he pointed out that Switzerland is in the single market but not an EU member.

In response, Mr Dowd said: “The bottom line with this is trying to have a grown-up mature debate and discussion with the European Union that you haven’t had, Andrea.

Mr Neil hit back: “It’s easy to say that when you’re not in the negotiations. It doesn’t help us work out what your policy would be.”

Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom also savaged Labour’s Brexit position and said it would be “totally incoherent” to remain in the customs union after Breixt.

The Tory MP said: “All that does is it prevents the biggest gain from leaving the EU, which is the ability to write our own free trade agreements around the world, which is a huge opportunity for the UK.”

Switzerland currently trades with the EU bloc through a series of bilateral agreements that allow Swiss business to access the single market while avoiding a hard border with EU member states.

Switzerland rejected membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) – which includes all EU member states including Britain – in 1992 and signed into seven sectoral agreements in 1999 covering agriculture, public procurement and air-land transport.

Turkey is not a member of the EU-wide customs union but of a customs union established in 1995 that does not cover agriculture, services or public procurement.

British MEP Dan Dalton warned Britain could be in a worse situation if it decides to remain in the customs union after Brexit.

Mr Dalton said Remaining in the customs union after Brexit would be the “worst of all worlds”.


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  1. Labour has lost it's way.
    (As an example: – Frank Field, arguably the Labour politician with the greatest demonstrable personal integrity, and a wonderful history of honesty and clear thinking, is now under threat of de-selection by the hard-left party membership of his constituency (…think Momentum), – but not of course by the constituency electorate themselves, who re-elected him recently with a 20,000+ majority).

  2. Labour Party's Brexit strategy is to try mop up remainers votes and at the same time keep its members happy, they haven't a clue, why didn't they ask its members what they wanted? i wasn't asked thats why i am an ex-member, more power to the members was one of the slogans from JCs before he got elected, then the Westminster bubble swallowed him up, and he became one of them,

  3. Labour party !?? It should be called momentum ! Labour has now been taken over by militant tendancy aka momentum ,the swivel eyed loony lefties have taken over the mad house ! And they don't give a shit about the white working class of the uk they are more concerned with the student ,the migrant and the non working class, oh and don't forget the LBGT gang !labour are a joke !

  4. A the customs union same thing, these politicians must think we are as thick as shit, they labour want to stay in the eu,,,,, oh just say what you want, for fuck sake be honest with your voters don't lie

  5. Yet another frankly idiotic British politician the arsehole simply didn't have a clue or once of conviction on anything. It's not that he's Labour it's the same when we see any of the current crop of Conservative or Liberal politicians. They are all simply useless journeymen/women selected because they are nothing more than blotting paper for our betters to colour in. It is time for a total rethink by the public for the people and parties we vote for.

  6. Labour haven't got a strategy. All they have is political expediency. They will back any scheme if they think there are votes in it. Unfortunately for them they are individually and collectively useless.

  7. This the real 'New Labour' – a bunch of inept Socialists each with a different opinion of what Socialism is in a modern democracy, exacerbated by a policy where you oppose everything but never explain why.

    The only thing they lack is a lion tamer and a hot dog stall.

  8. Remember when Labour was for the working class? Labour may have been wrong back then, but at least you understood who's side they were on. This guy is special. If you are going to stab us in the back, at least go for the single market. Why have all the bad of the EU and remove the only good bit, the single market? That makes no sense. None.

  9. Why do wo vote for these fucking idiots! – this is my country? – twats! – time for people to vote for those that will represent them and not go down the route of boiled sweeties like Corbin or that even more dangerous fucker – o ‘ donnell- aye mate! – better put me up on the wall among the first !

  10. This Labour MP make's a very good living and this is the Shite that come's out of his mouth. He's not alone. The one's on the frontbench who get any air time have very similar Moronic view's. How the hell are these people's mind's working ? Tragic !

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