Video: Another Season Wasted… Time For An Overhaul, Follow The DJ LeMahieu Formula

Video: Another Season Wasted… Time For An Overhaul, Follow The DJ LeMahieu Formula

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14 Replies to “Video: Another Season Wasted… Time For An Overhaul, Follow The DJ LeMahieu Formula”

  1. Marcus Thames, you did good setting HR records and all. But you're not needed anymore, same goes for Rothschild. Paxton having to tell his own pitching coach to let him pitch how he wants (with much success) proved all the Rothschild naysayers right.

  2. Sign Gerrit Cole, fire Rothschild and Thames, let Didi walk in FA, let Encarnacion walk in FA, let Maybin walk in FA, resign Gardner, resign Betances, resign Romine, make a trade for bullpen arm, make a trade for a starter if no Cole. EASY

  3. The team does not need an overhaul.the problem was 1-starting pitching 1a- clutch hitting in the post season..thenidea that you can ride your bullpen all yr then double thier workload in the p.s is the problem..this trade stanton for a starting pitcher..sign cole..this is angreat team just ran out of steam

  4. Boy does this team have some tough decisions to make this offseason. Everyone has their take on who should be let go and who be kept etc. for myself, I let Didi walk, I think it would crazy to pay this guy $20 million as I’ve heard it to be rumored he wants, after aside from a grand slam against the Twins, was a lackluster performance swinging at first pitches like a machine. I Make Gleyber my SS and move DJ to 2nd. They have to trade or look for a good first baseman, preferably a contact hitter like DJ. I let Edwin walk, I keep Voit but leave him in a DH role. I would keep Gio at 3rd. Andujar coming back next year only adds to the mess they have in the infield next year but he looks more and more like trade bait if anything.

    As for Gary Sanchez I think he should split time with Romine next yr until you can figure out what this dude is because he simply did not have it in the postseason. They seriously need to trade Stanton, dude probably looks worse now than he did a yr ago in the Boston series swinging at pitches in the dirt. The truth is he was still hurt when the playoffs began but there was no way you were going to keep him on the team on the bench in uniform while this team was trying to beat the Astros. But it happened anyway. $300 million down the pipes with this guy who didn’t show up when it mattered, injured or not that’s what people are going to look at. The optics are as bad as they can be with this guy.

    I think Tauchmann deserves serious consideration in the outfield next year. I let Gardy walk or I could bring Gardy back on less money. I know he had a career high in homers this year but as we all know the ball was juiced and a ton of guys probably hit more homers than usual like Gardy. I see less issues in the outfield.

    As for pitching Happ goes, and Rothschild goes as well. That incident he had with Paxton was probably the biggest reason we saw the how bad and how good Paxton really became after the all star break. That’s a clear indictment on the pitching coach and makes you wonder what really happened to Sonny Gray when he was here because he pretty much said similar things about the pitching coach on his way out the door and they were not good. They need a legit ace maybe 2 next year.

    I would resign Betances and Chapman IF you can afford to bring back Chapman. I say that because I still Chapman is a good closer and there aren’t that many good ones out there, but I don’t overpay for him either, especially when this team is in desperate need of SP. you need SP in the playoffs no other way around it, the Yankees proved that riding your bullpen into the ground in the postseason is not the way you win in the playoffs. You NEED an ACE maybe two.

    However aside from all these changes the biggest one and hardest to change is the manager, I don’t see it happening though Especially after this guy won 100 games two years in a row. To me Boone is STILL learning on the job and that’s not what this team needed in order to succeed. I just don’t like what I have seen from Boone. That massive mistake in pitching to Altuve when he had a scrub behind him on deck was as bad a mistake as I’ve seen a manager make in these playoffs but I think the Yankee brass will live and die with this guy now especially given the way Girardi was let go from this team, which I still believe was a mistake. They have other decisions to make as well but I also think some if not more heat should be on the Cashman and Hal as well. You need length in SP and this team other than Tanaka does not have that. Cashman has his job cut out for him this offseason that’s for sure we will see what happens.

  5. They need to let Didi go.
    Sign a good starter.
    Yes letting Thames and Rothschild go.
    Not have too many superstars per position just good backups and trade for good quality pitching. You have to trade Andújar. Where can you put him. Boone did a very good job and I honestly thought Chapman could handle altuve even with Marisnik on deck.
    Somehow or someway you need to extend DJ. He is soooooooooooo valuable to this team. Where would the Yankees have been without him. And need to bring a hitting coach that believes in DJs approach. Paul O’Neill would be an excellent choice but I know he would have a meltdown quickly but someone with how he approached the game be a hitting coach. I would really like a Mariano Rivera or petite to be the pitching coach.
    I know a lot of wishes but something to this needs to be done
    Or else Houston will dominate the yanks the next few years like the yanks did to the royals in the 70s.
    Stanton just needs to be let go or something I have no idea but I believe he is a liability.
    There is so much but I’ll leave it at that. Until next year let’s hope for the best. At this rate Houston will have our number for next few years if ya kid don’t change the approach.

  6. Why is it that other teams can buy an expensive player or 2 and they get credit. But when the Yankees do it they get shit for it? I’ll tell you what, I hope they make some good decisions. Extend DJ today! Get a very good free agent starting pitcher, but you know what? Don’t get Cole. Yeah I’m bitter like that. Fuck him and the Astros. I hope they meet again and yanks beat them.

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