Video: Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 6th March 2019 Part 1 of 3

Video: Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 6th March 2019 Part 1 of 3

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Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 6th March 2019 Part 1 of 3

Filmed by John Brace .

Council Chamber, ground floor, Liverpool Town Hall, High Street, Liverpool, L2 3SW

The agenda and reports for this meeting can be found on Liverpool City Council’s website here .

1. Declaration of Interests 31:21

To provide an opportunity for Members and Officers to declare any disclosable pecuniary or significant prejudicial interests, in which case the Member will need to leave the Chamber during consideration of the item.

2. Minutes of the City Council Meeting held on 16 January 2019 32:20

To consider the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 16 January 2019.

3. Public Question Time/Petitions/Statements 33:57

To receive in accordance with the Standing Orders any questions/petitions/statements from members of the public solely in respect of matters included on the published Agenda.

Public questions/petitions/statements should be submitted to Democratic Services by 12.00noon on Friday 1st March 2019, utilising the following options:

By email to:

By writing to: Democratic Services,

Cunard Building,

Water Street,

Liverpool L3 1AH

BUDGET 2019/20

Members are required to note that when considering Agenda Items 4 & 5 that in accordance with the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2014, there is a requirement on all local authorities to record and maintain a record within the minutes of the proceedings of any budget decision making meeting the names of the persons who cast a vote for the decision or against the decision or who abstained from voting.

In accordance with the duty contained within the Regulations, a Card Vote shall therefore be conducted as prescribed within Standing Order 26 of the City Council Constitution.


To consider Chief Officer Budget Statements set out Agenda Items 4 (a) to (c) and the associated recommendation –

4a Estimated Collection Fund Outturn 2018/19

That the determinations made by the Section 151 Officer on 15 January 2018 be noted, which are –

(i) For an estimated surplus on the Collection Fund for 2018/19 of £5.612M; and

(ii) That the amount of this surplus to be taken into account by the City Council when setting its budget for 2019/20 is £5.311M; and

(iii) That this amount is made up of a Council Tax surplus of £1.661M, and a Business Rates surplus of £3.650M.

4b Statement of Chief Financial Officer on Robustness of Estimates 2019/20

That having regard to the factors identified in the report submitted, that Council note that the estimates and assumptions contained in the Budget for 2019/20 and Medium Term Financial Strategy as presented for approval, are robust in the opinion of the Chief Finance Officer.

4c Statement of Chief Financial Officer on Adequacy of Provisions & Reserves 2019/20

in the opinion of the Chief Finance Officer the level of City Council reserves is adequate to support the Mayoral Budget for 2019/20 having regard to an assessment of current financial risk, and it be further noted that –

(i) the projected recommended level of general balances, for 2019/20, is £16.310M; and

(ii) the current level of controllable City Council earmarked reserves is £59.030M, however, £23.274M relates to specific scheme reserves which will be drawn down over the next 2 years.

Additional documents:

Appendix 1 – Areas of Risk
Appendix 2

Continues after a battery change at Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting 6th March 2019 Part 2 of 3 .


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