Video: This Plane Used To Be TERRIBLE (War Thunder)

Video: This Plane Used To Be TERRIBLE (War Thunder)

The wonderful world of rip-off Britain…

Ahh, the cougar. Once the worst 9.0 after the sea venom, but now it’s reached a stage where it’s actually fairly competitive. It’s come a long way since being smacked by CL-13s.





Thanks for all the support. It means more than you know 🙂


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  1. Hey can you please fly out the mk8 either reaper or normal and show us how you can use it please. I bought the reaper to grind for the hunter f6 and I need a guide on how to use it and please dont just say ground pound xD

  2. I've finally started playing a bit of jets recently thanks to the modifications rp reductions and its actually some really good fun. Usually i stick to props but this vid made me give the f9f-5 a try cuz i didn't feel like i wanted to dive back into my controls to setup the aam's yet on the cougar and i've had nothing but fun in it. Seriously my fav jet so far and i really enjoyed spading the F80C. I have my doubts that i would ever want to play top tier but 8.0/8.3 is a blast. Maybe when tier 7 jets come out they will lower the mod rp for tier 6 and i can get into that. ill go for spading the jets if the mods are attainable while under the stock grind but i remember when the costs were like 33k rp for one mod and every match was an uptier and it was just too painful to try unlocking anything especially using the shotguns on the american naval jets. This is the most jets ive played in nearly 5 years of wt lol! cheers m8

  3. I dont fly it by my self but it is one of few planes which I'm not annoied of. The matchmaker is shitty most times if you play 9.0 planes like the Vautour or the Super Mystère
    All these F-100s and MiG-19PTs

    But I like cougars rawr 😉

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